K.L. and Bastian

I've always loved books and horses. And books about horses. And horses named after books (or fictional characters).

That's the important stuff about me. Side notes: native Texan, liberal, software engineer, picky eater, and I actually say things like "y'all" and "fixin' to." Speak slow, think fast.

I live on a ranch and breed and raise Norwegian Fjord horses. Not familiar with the breed? Watch the movie "Frozen" and ignore the reindeer. My herd stallion, Bastian Vom Oderhaff, is a German and Canadian imported white dun Fjord. He's amazing. I have a handful of mares and am doing my absolute best to convince people in the southern U.S. that these pony-sized drafts are the best horses you can possibly own. It's true. You can read more about them at my ranch's site: Landsdrop Ranch Fjord Horses

Currently, I'm writing the second Kelpie book. I also have two other projects in flight. The first one is the book that started me on this crazy writing journey. It's angels and demons in a small Texas town. The second project is a collaborative effort with two other super talented writers and is urban fantasy with an ensemble cast.

I blog about books, ranch life, horses, and writing. I love to hear from readers and other writers.

Official author bio: 

K.L. White writes. If not paranormal stories, then computer code or technical documentation. She studied creative writing, journalism, and computer science at five different universities in Texas before taking a job in Information Technology.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading. Often that’s in the form of audiobooks playing in the cab of her big ol’ pickup truck. She lives on a small ranch in the Texas Hill Country and breeds and raises fine Norwegian Fjord horses, works to improve her riding through dressage, and is part of a local mounted archery group.

K.L. White is a member of RWA, the San Antonio Romance Authors chapter, and the San Antonio Writers’ Guild.




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K.L. White writes dark paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Characters seek hope out of despair, redemption from damnation, and love...even if they think they don't deserve it.

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